Middle East Travel Destinations

The Middle East is such a culturally rich and dramatically beautiful part of the world, and our luxury, one-of-a-kind Middle Eastern tours will show you how welcoming this region is, and how satisfying it is to explore. We bring you to the most fascinating and enchanting Middle Eastern travel destinations, such as Oman, Jordan, Israel, Iran, and Turkey, and our trips will leave you gushing

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about what you saw there: mosques as imposing and beautiful as the Vatican, ancient wonders that are testaments to human genius and ingenuity, chic, glittering cities, and cultures who remain deeply proud of their heritage while embracing change. Some people are intimidated by this region, but anyone who visits our Middle Eastern travel destinations will quickly learn what we already know: this is an eternally intriguing part of the world, one that is friendly, sophisticated, and safe, and is simply a must-see for cultured and intrepid travelers.

We’ve been traveling in this region for decades, and our in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the area allows us to bring you to its most unique travel destinations. The Sultanate of Oman is a wonderful place to start your Middle Eastern adventure. We’ll show you elegant Muscat, a lovely port city full of pristine, traditional buildings, and bring you far into the expansive Wahiba Sands desert to meet Bedouins and sleep under the stars. We love the exploring the desert because it never fails to shift our perspective, inspire deep thinking, and humble us.

Jordan offers breathtaking desert adventures as well. On a Middle Eastern tour of Jordan, you can ride a camel across the otherworldly landscape of Wadi Rum, where Lawrence of Arabia was filmed, and sip tea with the nomads who live among the dunes. Jordan is one of our most popular Middle Eastern travel destinations because it’s of Petra, the romantic and awe-inspiring ancient city built into red rock canyons. Petra is an absolute must-see—its splendor rivals that of the pyramids, the Parthenon, and any other archeological wonder you can think of. The only thing we can really say about it is this: go.

Iran is one of our favorite Middle Eastern travel destinations, and a journey here will open your eyes and heart. Iranians are incredibly hospitable; they are quick to welcome you into their country, and even their homes. While visiting this magical land, you can wander the ruins of Persepolis and monasteries tucked into verdant hills. You can trek across violet mountains and fields of wildflowers, marvel at some of the world’s most impressive and ornate Islamic architecture, and gallery hop in Tehran. This country, so often misunderstood, will reward you with its unspoiled beauty, refreshing lack of tourists, intellectual atmosphere, and wealth of historic sites.

Turkey is a popular Middle Eastern travel destinations, and is home to one of the most bewitching cities in the entire world—Istanbul, where Europe and Asia famously meet. It’s a mecca of art, culture, and cosmopolitan flair. The rest of the country is equally beguiling. Cappadocia has some of the most surreal scenery we’ve encountered, with its pointed “fairy chimneys” that jut out of the rugged mountains and cliffs that hide the homes and churches of the ancient troglodytes. The region is truly a wonderland. In Turkey, you can also cruise the Mediterranean’s blue seas on a traditional wooden gulet and follow the path of Odysseus’ famous journey.

Our other Middle Eastern travel destinations include Israel and Lebanon, two countries that are sure to surprise you. Israel has so many important places to see, such as the labyrinthine old city of Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall, the towering Masada, and Tel Aviv, which has a thriving restaurant and art scene. Beirut is equally vibrant, and is full of impeccably dressed locals. You could easily spend your entire Middle Eastern tour in Lebanon. It is full of fascinating sites, including the crumbling Phoenician city of Baalbek, and serves what many people consider the richest and most delicious cuisine in the region—think creamy hummus, thick baba ganoush, fluffy tabouleh, and freshly baked pita bread served straight from the oven.

As you can tell, this part of the world is endlessly special, and we would relish the opportunity to show you why we love it so much on one of our Middle Eastern tours. It’s the cradle of civilization, an intense mix of modern and traditional, and is home to some of the world’s most beautiful religious monuments, as well as some of its most hospitable people.