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The Image Project | by Meghan Black

// July 17, 2014

Images have power. Like a novel that leads to laughter or brings tears, so too an image can leave the viewer remembering, hoping, and longing. Just as we read a novel, we read an image; and just as we relate […]

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At a Glance: Mistura, Peru’s famous food festival

// June 17, 2014

The epicurean movement in Peru, really in South America on the whole, has been deliciously dramatic…pun intended. Lima, now considered a gastronomical capital in the region, celebrates this development by hosting Mistura, today one of the world’s largest food festivals. […]

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Papua New Guinea Event | Curious Birds You Never Knew Existed with Bruce Beehler

// June 6, 2014

Join Absolute Travel & Papua New Guinea Tourism for a spectacular event: Curious Birds You Never Knew Existed with Smithsonian’s Bruce Beehler. We will also be welcoming two cultural representatives from Papua New Guinea: Mundiya Kepanga, hailing from the Huli […]

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stacey in iran_crop-for-katie-660x400

Persepolis is Overrated | by Stacey Sullivan

// June 6, 2014

Persepolis is overrated. There, I said it. Sure it is an awe-inspiring archeological treasure that never ceases to amaze and delight even those with the highest of expectations. One is not surprised to learn that Persepolis was among the first […]

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KL in TC2no border2

A Letter to Amanyara from Katie Losey

// May 16, 2014

There are moments that color your life, and there are moments that define it. I believe wholeheartedly that fresh experiences propel me into life’s rapture–they remove me from my comfort zone, challenge me, and stay with me in the background […]

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Blaine’s on the Blog | 4 Convincing Reasons Nicaragua Should be Your Next Getaway

// May 14, 2014

Absolute Travel’s Blaine Anderson skips a chilly NYC weekend and opts to head south to Nicaragua with her family and friends. Learn about her can’t miss hotels, the best way to start the day, and her attempt to join a […]

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Raas Hotel, India

13 Design-Inspired Hotels You Want to Visit

// May 12, 2014

Design can be an integral part of any resort experience. It can often set the entire tone of your journey, as the hotel is the starting point of any itinerary. Where you choose to stay provides an incredible sense of […]

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Rare and Special: Suzanne Pope Takes Her First Trip to Africa

// May 8, 2014

I felt incredibly small just barely poking out over our 4×4, standing barefoot next to my tall Maasai guide wrapped in a bright red and blue plaid shuka. The red and green savannah stretched out for miles as far as […]

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Why What’s In Your Mug Could Save the World

// April 28, 2014

On Wednesday, April 23rd Absolute Travel and The Culture-ist were proud to co-host an evening at the lovely infini-T CafĂ© and Spice Souk in Princeton for a travel reading featuring writers, David Farley, Charu Suri, Tom Downey, and Absolute! In […]

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An Interview with Absolute Travel’s Jessica Weeman

// April 21, 2014

Use three words to describe yourself This question always puts me into job interview mode…so I’ll have to try to be more fun than that! Let’s see…adventurous, food-loving, and curious. So you’re a New Yorker who moved to Jackson, Wyoming […]

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An Absolute Stampede: Why We’re Putting Our Foot Down for Elephants

// April 15, 2014

We absolutely refuse to be the generation that allows elephants to disappear from Africa’s forests and savannas. That’s why Absolute Travel is putting our foot down in the fight for Africa’s elephants, literally. On April 26th, our downtown SoHo office […]

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Notes from Senegal: My American Jewish World Service Study Tour Experience | by Cheryl Peress

// April 10, 2014

On a recent one week study tour sponsored by American Jewish World Service (AJWS), with the assistance of Absolute Travel, I became fully immersed in the magical world of Senegal—its people, its culture and its struggles to forge peace and […]

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The Getaway Colder than a NYC Winter & Why Kari Can’t Wait to Go Back

// April 8, 2014

When most people were looking to tropical beaches to escape this year’s crazy winter, Kari Madden was doing the exact opposite. She packed her bags for snowy Alaska where her cousin was about to compete in the Last Great Race […]

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stacey sullivan

An Exclusive Q&A with Stacey Sullivan

// March 27, 2014

Meet our newest team member, Stacey, and learn about the fruit that made her bleed, California’s unmissable cemetery, and the guy who isn’t shy about greeting her with an insane-freak-out-love-attack when she gets home. What is something quirky we should […]

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Introduce a Child to Conservation with J.Crew’s New Kids’ T-Shirt for the Elephants

// March 12, 2014

Three words: orphaned baby elephant. That is all you need to know about J.Crew’s sweetest t-shirt, designed by Brooklyn-based illustrator, Hugo Guinness. As part of their Garments for Good initiative, 100% of the net proceeds will go towards our friends […]

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Baba Mangoo Choo 2_tanzania

An Exclusive Q&A with Chem Chem: Slow Safaris, an Ancient Corridor & the Wild Animal Who Moved In

// February 20, 2014

When luxury travel specialist Brooke Garnett visited Kenya and Tanzania last month, she had hundreds of luxury safari lodges to choose from. After this exclusive Q&A, you’ll understand why she chose Chem Chem Safari Lodge and designed this exclusive trip […]

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chimpanzee greystoke mahale


// February 20, 2014

Our new CLICK FOR CONSERVATION campaign is simply just our way of caring and sharing. The world has been kind to us over the past 25 years that we’ve been in business, and now it’s our turn to give back, […]

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Pelican GoPro

Pelican Selfie: One beak. One GoPro. One unique journey.

// February 5, 2014

Absolute Travel’s Brooke Garnett spent 15 days exploring Kenya and Tanzania, so maybe you have an idea about the wildlife that stopped her in her tracks. You’d probably guess she’d gush over the moment she locked eyes with a curious […]

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japan book

Beyond Memoirs of a Geisha: Five Other Great Japan Novels

// January 17, 2014

On the occasion of his sixth trip to the Land of the Rising Sun, one of our Japan specialists, Brian Lonergan, offers some of his favorite novels about one of the most exciting destinations in Asia. A Tale for the […]

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owen gaddis camera

An Exclusive Q&A with Owen Gaddis

// January 8, 2014

Our newest staffer Owen Gaddis on being a smart ass, the stampede he can’t forget, and what attracted him to Absolute Travel. Use three words to describe yourself. Easy–tall, dark and handsome! A rarity in the travel industry! What inspired […]

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