Minaret Station

Accessible only by helicopter, Minaret Station is a luxury adventure dream. You’ll soar over the rugged mountains, dazzling lakes, bright green valleys in the summers and snowdrifts in the winter, passing shepherds and their flocks in the remote Southern Alps. Although totally out there, Minaret Station spares no luxury. There is a culinary team who create seasonal meals from the region’s local produce, chalets equipped with sheepskin carpets and private decks with hot tubs, and even a wine cellar stocked with New Zealand’s finest. Although the interiors are lovely, visitors come for the outdoor experience. From jet boating up glacier-fed rivers to private heli-skiing, few places beat Minaret Station’s offering of adrenaline-filled activities and stunning landscape. For families and those who prefer a more subdued stay, guests can helicopter to remote picnic spots, hike the mountain ridges, and visit remote sheep and cattle stations.

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