Feynan Ecolodge

The setting of Feynan Ecolodge epitomizes rugged beauty—craggy mountain-scapes rounded by the wind and cut through by ancient rivers long-since dried up. The scale is humbling. Owned by Jordan’s Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature, Feynan Ecolodge recognizes the gift all around them and focuses on providing a special experience that does not compromise the environment or the local community. The smooth clay walls echo the region’s natural stone in color and curvature, ornate touches like mirrored sconces and Persian rugs are gestures to traditional Bedouin living, and glowing candles handmade by local women illuminate rooms and romantic interior courtyards. The real treat is the sense of intimacy. Gracious Bedouin hosts will invite you to sip sweet tea on the terrace, learn to make your own candles or to do traditional leather working, explore local archaeological sites in the desert, or learn to cook hearty vegetarian dishes and flat bread over an open fire then dine together under the stars.

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