Bahia Vik Jose Ignacio

Bahia Vik may have just opened its doors, but with six bungalows and a main house nestled amongst the sand dunes of stylish José Ignacio, the latest addition to the Vik properties is already creating a buzz with the Uruguayan jet set crowd and beyond. An original Klimt-esque mural, hand painted onsite by a Uruguayan artist, in the entrance foyer sets the tone. The property unfolds with color, which is everywhere—in the form of huge, primary-color paintings, festive dishes at the bohemian-chic La Susana restaurant, and the wash of the landscape. The transition between beach and built space is almost imperceptible: the private bungalows step-out onto the sand, the contemporary central patio incorporates the hues and lines of the dunes, and the pool melds into the surrounding garden.

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