Uxua Casa Hotel

Trancoso, a small fishing village known for its superb coastlines, slow-paced days, and UNESCO-protected Quadrado village green, has just been put on the map for a new reason: Uxua Casa Hotel. In collaboration with a team of local artisans, designer Wilbert Das has created nine unique casas giving true meaning to the term “rustic luxury.”

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Carefully chosen vintage Brazilian furniture and recycled materials accessorized the open-sky bathrooms, lush private gardens, and fully-equipped kitchens, while gorgeous touches like the glimmering one-of-a-kind quartz swimming pool and seaside bar made of abandoned fishing boats adorn the common areas. But our favorite part was certainly the multi-level tree house made entirely of recycled wood, speaking to the creativity, attention to the environment, and craftsmanship that embody every corner of the property.

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