Mihir Garh

Imagine a sandcastle put in the middle of Jodhpur’s Thar desert, and you have Mihir Garh, a luxury property oozing with charm and character. Mihir Garh or “Fort of the Sun” seduces guests with exclusive experiences: embark on a 4×4 jeep tour of the countryside, saddle up for a ride on the owner’s prized Marwai stallions, or enjoy a private sitar concert in the courtyard. This elegant structure, with just nine rooms, finds its inspiration in the rural village architecture of western Rajasthan, as can be seen with the tall mud walls, the slightly rounded corners, and numerous hidden alcoves. The property has a strong sense of places accomplished through beautiful decor, from brightly-colored local fabrics to mirror-flecked fireplaces. This fort stands as a proud representative of all that its land is best known for: royalty, a robust culture and rustic charm. The private terraces, courtyards, plunge pools and stone bath tubs seem to whisper a single word: indulge. Here, serenity and splendor come together to create an exclusive experience for you.

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