Nimmo Bay

Chances are you have never been anywhere quite like Nimmo Bay. For starts, it is only reachable by air or water. Most guests arrive by helicopter, catching their first glimpse of Little Nimmo Bay as they breach the tree line of the Great Bear Rainforest. When Craig and Deborah Murray established the first cabins in 1981, they were careful not to disturb any of the virgin forest. There are no roads cutting through the land and the cabins all sit on floats or stilts so that no trees had to be cleared for foundations. You may be tempted to hibernate in your beautiful intertidal or streamside cabin, watching the tide rise and fall literally beneath you. Built from local wood with fluffy beds, cozy tongue-and-groove walls, and Adirondack rockers on your private front porch, we hardly blame you. But if you did, you would miss the riot of life all around.

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Today the lodge is managed by Craig and Deborah’s son, Fraser. Fraser grew-up at the lodge and has been a wildlife guide since he was seven! Now a father and husband, he is always dreaming-up inventive ways to share the land with visitors. Hop on a stand-up paddle board to glide alongside 100-foot glacier walls and under waterfalls, amongst pods of playful dolphins, and up to families of sun-bathing seals. Or board a private speed boat to see orca, humpbacks, grizzly and black bears in their natural environment. Imagine watching a mama bear and her cub stroll to the stream’s edge to drink, curious orcas swim alongside your boat and stare up at you, or swarms of giant (and we mean giant, we didn’t know they could get so big!) salmon rush ahead of you. Those who want to truly go to the farthest corners of British Columbia can helicopter to pebble streams and glassy lakes for secluded fly-fishing, or land on a sandy bay or cliff for the picnic of a lifetime. As the day winds-down, make your way to the main lodge. Food is integral to the Nimmo Bay experience. With the earth’s bounty on their doorstep, the expert chefs deliver gorgeous meals filled with just-caught seafood, wild greens, and locally made wines and cheeses. Each night ends with brilliant star gazing around the floating fire pit. Photos by Jeremy Koreski

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