Necker Island

Necker Island was created by Sir Richard Branson to be the ultimate “private island paradise.” Set amongst the British Virgin Islands, Necker Island is just that—a utopia for guests looking for the utmost privacy and barefoot luxury. Visitors approach the island by boat, peeling through the unspoiled turquoise waters. The moment they step foot on the pristine shores, they feel that they have been transported to a place where it is always sunny, the palms are always swaying in the breeze, and there is always freshly-squeezed juice on hand. This feeling of being in a perfect parallel universe is heightened by the blend of Caribbean and Balinese-inspired décor. The property is outfitted in authentic Balinese furnishings of heavy, elaborately carved woods and festive fabrics which were handpicked, built, and shipped to the island from Indonesia. Open fronts, thatch roofs, private Jacuzzis, and panoramic views of the ocean in all of the chalets balance the lavish Balinese décor with a level of laid-back Caribbean flair. When not lounging by the pool enjoying the sushi kayak (a sushi chef who literally kayaks around the pool serving hand-rolled delicacies), guests partake in endless island activities including snorkeling, scuba diving, kite surfing, wake boarding, sailing, windsurfing, paddle boarding and zip-lining around Turtle Beach. In the evenings there are romantic candlelit picnic dinners and boisterous beach parties with themes like Moroccan Nights and Disco Fever.

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