Widder Hotel

Those enamored with the historical will relish staying in the Widder Hotel. Located in the Augustiner quarter of Zurich atop Roman and Celtic ruins, the hotel’s rooms and passageways rotate around a preserved Roman well. Nine medieval houses, outfitted with historical 15th-century frescoes, were conjoined and renovated by architect Tilla Theus to create the span of the hotel. The interior furnishings are equally impressive—Eames and Frank Lloyd Wright are generously represented. Each room is individually decorated in a fusion of traditional and modern design: trompe l’oeil murals are set-off by mid-century modern leather recliners; exposed beams and field-stone walls by sumptuous drapes and oversized beds. Don’t miss a visit to the property’s renowned jazz bar–their 300 single-malt whiskeys are sure to please.

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