Juvet Hotel

The Juvet Hotel gives birth to a new category of luxury accommodation—the landscape hotel. Set in a nature reserve amongst old pines, birch, osp, and two snowcapped mountains, the Juvet’s grandest statement is its embrace of the natural world. Each of the seven cabins were carefully built around standing trees, boulders, and streams with as little disturbance to the landscape as possible. The geometric structures hover above the ground so that the soil can breathe and the ground cover can grow uninhibited. Mirrored glass walls reflect the surroundings to minimize interruption of the breathtaking views. The cabins’ modernist interiors are similarly thoughtful. The minimalist aesthetic is strong. Glass walls, heated floors, dark wooden walls and ceilings, and sleek, monotone furnishings feel contemplative. There is a spectacular “spa” that is inconspicuously built into the river bank. This is not your typical spa, but rather a place for cleansing with the mountain waters. After skiing or climbing the mountains, sit around the open fireplace, relax in the steam room or hot tub, or just listen to the sounds of the river. Breakfast and dinner are served hosting style at a farmhouse table in a seamlessly refurbished barn. The offerings are simple, traditional, and always delicious.

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