Lamai Serengeti

Avoid the crowds and head to the farthest reaches of the Northern Serengeti for a stay at Nomad Tanzania’s beautiful Lamai Serengeti. Lamai is a magical experience, not to be missed. Because of their dedication to responsible tourism, Nomad Tanzania was one of only a handful of lodges chosen by the Tanzanian government to create a permanent property in the remote Northern Serengeti. Lamai is the result and has since become “the guardian” of the Kogakuria Kopje. This is an astounding spot. Between July and October the Great Migration literally passes on their doorstep. Rather than disrupt the natural geometry of the kopje, Lamai was carefully erected to fit into the landscape. From a distance, the lodge is imperceptible. Each detail was considered down to the innovative blend of canvas, plaster, and natural poles used for the structures. The lodge is divided into two camps. The main lodge is 8 rooms and the private lodge, perfect for families and small groups, is 4 rooms. The furnishings are fresh and thoughtful. Natural wood floors make way for stray boulders and chic white and natural linen textiles blend seamlessly with the environment. Each camp has a stone pool, library, map room, and main lodge and bar where you can discover secret corners in the rocks to hideaway and enjoy your drink.

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