La Sultana Marrakech

Set in the Kasbah, Marrakech’s historical center, La Sultana Marrakech is a sanctuary within the bustling city. The hotel is comprised of five conjoined Marrakchi courtyard mansions to create a sprawling complex filled with hanging gardens, soothing fountains, quiet verandahs, and still swimming pools. Part Roman temple, part North African palace, the décor pays homage to the city’s cultural fusion—large fronds frame archways adorned with delicate reliefs and sumptuous colors set-off the marbled rooms. Relax with an open-air massage, 360 degree views from the rooftop, and a French-Moroccan fusion dinner after a day spent rambling through the city’s boisterous streets. With only 28 rooms, staying at the La Sultana Marrakech feels akin to staying at the home of a very sophisticated, very well appointed friend.

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