Mvuu Lodge

Mvuu offers Malawi’s best safari experience. To get there, you take a private safari boat down the glassy Shire River. Along the way you will see piles of hippos wallowing amongst the water hyacinth, tiny pileated kingfishers flitting through the reeds, and elephant herds gathering at the river’s edge to drink. When you arrive, you take the winding raised walkway over a marsh where wild warthog and bushbuck graze unperturbed. You can continue watching them as you dine in the stilted open-air main lodge that looks out on a meandering branch of the river. Also, notice the striking yellow weaver birds who build their hanging nests in the surrounding reeds and trees. You may want to hideaway in your tented chalet, reclining in your pond-sized outdoor shower and listening to the hippos call below you, but the sunrise and sunset game sightings are not to be missed. You’ll begin by boat for a birder’s buffet—there are rare owls, cranes, and so much more to sight—then hop in the Landrover to see hyena. Go in the dry season and you partake in one of Africa’s rarest wildlife experiences: tracking endangered black rhino on foot with one of the country’s foremost black rhino experts. End the day with magical cookouts and dinners in the bush complete with a drinks cart, bonfire, candlelit walkways, and linens.

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