Mumbo Island

Lake Malawi is the country’s most stunning asset and a stay at Mumbo Island is one of the most special ways to experience it. This private lava rock island far from shore can be reached only by boat. Guests can island hop by speed boat, take the charming private wooden tugboat that brings visitors and supplies to and from the mainland, or even kayak on calm days. Once there, the rest of the world completely disappears. With open-air thatched chalets built on the lips of gigantic boulders, endless skyline, a million shades of blue, and a micro-jungle filled with serpentine vines as thick as a forearm, this is a total Robinson Crusoe experience. What’s more, the lodge is completely eco-friendly. What does this mean? Because there is no electricity you can completely unplug and relax. Meals are simple yet flavorful and satisfying. Your air conditioning is the fresh, cool breeze off the lake. This is what makes Mumbo Island such a paradise. Without distractions you can unwind of the salmon-hued sand beach, hike to the peak of the island for sundowners on the highest boulder, kayak around the uninhabited circumference, and snorkel through the rocks for hours watching brightly colored cichlids—Malawi is one of only two places in the world to spot these fascinating fish. Quiet moments are not hard to come-by on Mumbo Island: steal away to your chalet with its cheerful turquoise furnishings and jute flooring and post-up in your personal hammock or grab a book and head to one of the hidden lookouts.

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