Huntington House

Malawi’s highlands are the perfect complement to its beaches and bush. Amongst the lush Satemwa Tea Estates you’ll find Huntington House. Once a dearly-loved family home, Huntington House is intimate and positively bursting with old-world colonial charm. The rooms, which bear the names of their former uses such as the nursery, Father’s room, Mother’s room, and the chapel, have calico upholstery, wall-to-wall jute rugs, four poster beds, and claw foot tubs in the bath. The property is surrounded by beautifully landscaped English country gardens that look out on the rolling tea fields dotted with acacia trees. You can take a behind-the-scenes tour of the estates, partake in a tea tasting, bike or walk through the fields on red-clay roads, or just take in the scene from the wraparound patio. Huntington House also offers one of Malawi’s most unique dining experiences. Meals and drinks incorporate the signature teas with such treats as paper-thin crepes filled with green tea ice cream and refreshing min tea cocktails.

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