Segera Retreat

An unparalleled wildlife sanctuary, guests find themselves with a vacation experience luxurious, delicious and personally enriching. This picturesque retreat, built upon 50,000 acres of preserved land, has made a firm commitment to protect the incredible natural beauty they are immersed in. Situated on the Laikipia Plateau in the Great Rift Valley and neighbor to Mount Kenya, there is such a rich variety of landscape that encourages the flourish of abundant wildlife like elephants and giraffes along the Segera River and natural Ivy Springs. It is impossible not to be inspired by such spectacular surroundings and the property’s determination to be responsible for such a beautiful gift through sustainable and conscientious living. Creative and personalized meals made with the freshest ingredients, delectable bottles of wine from the eco friendly Wine Tower, a soul nourishing yoga class, or a rejuvenating steam in the Rasul Steam Tower ensure also a relaxing and decadent stay.

segera retreat oasis

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