Richard’s Camp

There are two camps from which to explore the Masai Mara, the forest camp which is the original built in 1980 in the Ol Choro Conservancy, and the river camp, on the banks of the Njageteck River and surrounded by 70 acres of private land.

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Both camps have 7-8 large custom designed individual tents, decorated in the traditional African style and sustainable with the solar system providing clean, silent power and ensures 24-hour light to all the tents. You will be both comfortable yet immersed in nature, which also means wildlife is all around you! Whether its neighboring leopards, giraffes or big cats (the river camp in particular is home to a lion pride), you will get up close and personal with these regular visitors and have endless opportunities for the best pictures. Dine outside under the Kenyan sky in the traditional bush style with local fare customized to your tastes. Scenic flights and hot air balloon rides are available for an extra cost, but are well worth the spectacular view! And by staying here you support the work of the properties owners, the Mara Elephant Project in 2011, which is instrumental in human-wildlife conflict mitigation and anti-poaching through the collaring, monitoring and tracking of elephants.

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