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Raas Hotel, India

13 Design-Inspired Hotels You Want to Visit

// May 12, 2014

Design can be an integral part of any resort experience. It can often set the entire tone of your journey, as the hotel is the starting point of any itinerary. Where you choose to stay provides an incredible sense of […]

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From Brooklyn to South Africa: a Q&A with Robyn Mark on her First South African Getaway

// June 19, 2013

Katie Losey interviews Robyn Mark after her first visit to South Africa and learns about her ultimate dream trip, the meal you can’t miss, and how she felt about those 5 am wake-up calls. You only had ten days for […]

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Square watermelons, Elvis sightings, the perfect egg and my dinner with a Geisha

// September 28, 2011

There is nowhere in the world like Japan. The delicious culinary surprises, astounding natural beauty, and lasting traditional culture made each day of my trip thrilling, but the people are what truly define Japan and what will bring me back. […]

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Noël Gets Bitten by the Africa Bug

// April 19, 2011

They say Africa changes you forever. I had no idea who they were, nor did I know just how dead on they were, that is, until I experienced it for myself. After years of listening to my parents’ stories of […]

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All About Adelaide, Australia

// March 23, 2010

Though most Australia-bound travelers tend to focus on major attractions like Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef, and Uluru (Ayers Rock), Australia’s smaller cities are extremely charming and are well worth a visit. One of our favorite lesser known cities is […]

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// March 4, 2010

Absolute Travel’s Katie Losey and Brooke Garnett are currently traveling in Tanzania and Kenya. They are sending us updates from the road… Living in New York City means that I often tend to prioritize efficiency and speed, but the opportunities […]

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The Zambezi Queen

// February 2, 2010

Last week, I was thrilled when some representatives from the Zambezi Queen, a new African river safari vessel, came to our offices to talk about their product. I am very excited about this option and think it would be a […]

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Odaiba – Oh My!

// December 30, 2009

Tokyo-bound travelers hoping for something a little different should consider venturing across Rainbow Bridge to Odaiba, an artificial island in Tokyo Bay that is home to a vast entertainment/shopping/dining complex that in its glitzy excess can only be compared to […]

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