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Rio Olympics: The Ultimate Guide

// March 18, 2016

Rio’s possibly the sexiest city on earth. Add the world’s most addictive competition and it’s a home run vacation. This is a drop-everything-and-just-go kind of trip—the ultimate reason to use up your vacation days. Commit and you’ll be courtside for […]

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The Intrigue of Vik

// September 25, 2014

What does it take to create a truly outstanding hotel? In November, Absolute Travel’s Robyn Mark, husband Nick, and their adorable son Alex (7 months old!) set out to discover the answer with two weeks at the Uruguayan and Chilean […]

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From Brooklyn to South Africa: a Q&A with Robyn Mark on her First South African Getaway

// June 19, 2013

Katie Losey interviews Robyn Mark after her first visit to South Africa and learns about her ultimate dream trip, the meal you can’t miss, and how she felt about those 5 am wake-up calls. You only had ten days for […]

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Robyn and Brooke’s “Best of Turkey” Awards Go To…

// July 6, 2012

There are not many places left that blend stunning scenery, exquisite cuisine, ancient history, and legendary shopping quite like Turkey. After their recent journey in June, staffers Robyn Mark and Brooke Garnett came up with a collection of the region’s […]

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Four Nights at the Bulgari Bali (how did I get so lucky?)

// January 3, 2012

My most recent trip to Bali may have been hot, humid, and filled with Obama-induced traffic, but the time spent at the Bulgari Hotel made all of that disappear. The hotel was the most welcoming, beautifully designed, luxurious retreat I […]

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Eating Argentina

// April 26, 2011

Absolute Travel’s culinary explorer Robyn Mark introduces her new feature: will-travel-for-food Chorizo, lomo, bondiola, vaca, ojo de bife, chinculin, mollejas, morcilla. And that was just one meal. Empanadas, tamales, dolce de leche, ceviche. The list can go on and on. […]

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My Tokyo Fixer

// October 19, 2010

As someone who has always appreciated the art of cooking, design, and presentation, I knew that Tokyo would be a city I’d someday have to see. I have always felt that food reveals so much about a culture, and my […]

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