Category: Owen Gaddis

Nepal Rising: Is it crazy to go?

// October 28, 2015

From glorious Everest to tiny tea houses, Nepal stirs our hearts. These days, the iconic mountaintops and mystical monasteries that have lured adventurous travelers for decades are running on empty. April’s earthquake hit months ago, but emotional reverberations are constant. […]

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His + Hers: The Definitive Safari Packing List – Luxury African Safari

// December 8, 2014

Here’s looking at you chic safari mavens and rugged-luxe chaps! If packing is an art form, then the safari bag is every packer’s masterpiece. But as many safari goers will attest, this is far easier said than done! With varied […]

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An Exclusive Q&A with Owen Gaddis

// January 8, 2014

Our newest staffer Owen Gaddis on being a smart ass, the stampede he can’t forget, and what attracted him to Absolute Travel. Use three words to describe yourself. Easy–tall, dark and handsome! A rarity in the travel industry! What inspired […]

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