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Beyond Australia 101: Down Under Decoded by an Expert

// November 18, 2015

We’re just going to say it: you need to go to Australia more than once. Stacey Sullivan, our Australia expert, is just back. Tomorrow Brooke Garnett, named to Travel + Leisure’s A-List for luxury travel in Australia, heads over. There’s […]

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Travel + Leisure names Holly to their A-List! Her tips will change the way you travel in Southeast Asia.

// September 30, 2015

Holly’s creds come from a year living in Bangkok’s trendiest neighborhood and months traveling across Southeast Asia, from Myanmar to Sri Lanka, scoping out the best new hotels and off-the-radar experiences. She is always on the ground discovering what makes […]

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Proud moment: Travel + Leisure names Brooke to their A-List (her photos show why)

// September 10, 2015

Landing on Travel + Leisure’s A-List of top travel specialists isn’t easy. In fact, it’d probably be easier to climb Cappadocia’s cliff sides or dodge hippos canoeing in Botswana! Brooke’s made the cut for the third year in a row. […]

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// August 20, 2015

Wow us with your original travel photos and you could win a $500 credit toward your next Absolute Travel trip! No need to be a pro. Some of our favorite photos are snapped on our iPhones these days. Each season […]

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Singita Ebony Lodge Never Gets Old: A Look Inside the Reinvention of South Africa’s Iconic Safari Lodge

// August 18, 2015

How does a brand that’s been around for 22 years maintain its cache? Singita, which has become practically synonymous with luxury African safari, seems to have the answer with the reveal of Singita Ebony Lodge’s renovation. This isn’t your same-day […]

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Exclusive: Colin Cowie On His Travel Wishlist, Being New York’s Party Planning King & His Single Best Tip

// July 23, 2015

Oprah, Demi, Kim…Colin Cowie’s roster of clients don’t even need last names. In this exclusive Q&A we get to know how the man behind the moniker—born and raised in Zambia—grew into New York’s party planning king. From designing unforgettable events […]

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A Life Underwater: Q&A with Aquanaut & Undersea Explorer Ian Koblick

// July 15, 2015

He’s spent days alongside Fidel Castro on his private island, built the world’s first underwater hotel, and discovered underwater graveyards. Absolute Travel sits down with undersea explorer, Ian Koblick, who’s bringing his passion for the seas, and the chance to […]

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You’re Already Going to the Caribbean; 8 Convincing Reasons You Should Go With Us

// June 8, 2015

You’re already going to the Caribbean for your beach time. Here’s why you should go with us. (Reason #1: It’s not more expensive!) You’ll get special treatment | One of the biggest misconceptions our clients have is booking with us […]

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Why Big City Dwellers Need Bali

// May 26, 2015

Christa is on a mission: to reset, rejuvenate, bliss-out, and find holistic wellness in Bali. She goes beyond the legendary spas and fabled beaches (although, she’ll certainly squeeze in some of this as well!) to meet with traditional healers, learn […]

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5 Reasons Malawi Will Surprise You: Endangered Species Sightings, a National Secret Handshake, and The Sandwich (it’s not what you think)

// May 21, 2015

Meghan is just back from Malawi. She shares how this often-overlooked African country is poised to step into the spotlight, and why you should go before everyone catches on. I am on a remote lava rock island, staring straight through […]

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Solo-ing through “Greenup” | Field Notes from Artist Emilie Lee

// May 15, 2015

Emilie’s solo time on the prairie comes to an end as she welcomes much-anticipated visitors. With the change in season, the prairie roars to life and she reflects on the passing of time in the wide-open. It’s hard to believe […]

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Inspiration In the Wide Open | Field Notes from Artist Emilie Lee

// May 6, 2015

Emilie has been soaking up the prairie for over two weeks now. The American Prairie Reserve has given her quite an introduction. She has set-up her easel in a prairie dog village, listening to them yip as coyotes sing backup […]

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Why We Are Not Just a Travel Company

// April 22, 2015

Earth Day. For so long this was a concept dedicated to the tree huggers. Not anymore. This is a day about recognizing that the way we live our lives matter, bigtime. Our choices matter. Our decisions have power—as individuals, as […]

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One of the Greatest Conservation Projects of Our Time | Emilie Lee Paints the Prairie

// April 16, 2015

Today’s post is from the talented artist Emilie Lee. We met Emilie at an event in New York this fall. A quick chat about conservation and art led to a bigger discussion about one of our favorite conservation projects—Montana’s American […]

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A Love Story of A Different Kind

// February 13, 2015

Dwarika’s Hotel is a love letter to Nepal. The property is literally built from Nepal’s past, out of ancient relics lovingly rescued by founder Dwarika Das Shrestha. The story begins in 1952. After witnessing two men in Kathmandu use the […]

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You Make Us Feel Great…

// February 2, 2015

…about being different! We’ve tried to distinguish ourselves from the rest since our company’s beginnings 26 years ago. There’s no better feeling than knowing you celebrate our originality too! “I was incredibly honored when I learned we were named Travel […]

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If You Only Watch One Thing This Week, Make It This—Goosebumps Guaranteed

// January 27, 2015

Note: Day Passes, Saturday Day & Evening Combo Tickets, and Saturday Day Tickets are all SOLD OUT; Thursday and Friday Passses STILL AVAILABLE! Purchase them here. We believe in the power of film to protect our planet. In need of […]

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Absolute Air | The UnGoogleable Luxury Air Service

// January 26, 2015

We’re sharing the flight experiences you didn’t even know existed (and may want to forget about next time you’re stuck in a cramped seat!). Keep up with our Million-Mile certified air director, Todd Bliwise—an encyclopedia of firsthand knowledge—as he tests […]

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32 of Absolute’s Wow-Worthy Moments in 2014

// December 23, 2014

After being named Travel + Leisure’s #1 World’s Best Tour Operator in 2013 (thanks to you!), we didn’t think it could get any better. It did. Our 2014 topped the charts: from cruising the savannah in Zimbabwe to hiking the […]

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Unwrap a Story: 14 Gifts that are More than They Appear

// November 21, 2014

There’s something so sweet about receiving a gift that is more than it appears—that is from the source and of the source, that is really a story ensconced in an object. As specialists in going to the source to unearth […]

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