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5 Great Books To Take You To Peru

// February 13, 2017

Here’s what to know about Peru: you’re going to love it! Not convinced? Consider this: climbing Machu Picchu as the sun crests will leave you feeling like you’ve plopped down into something near to magic. Cutting your way down the […]

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Guatemala: A Design & Artisan Hideout

// January 23, 2017

Hunting for textiles in markets that have been held for centuries; working with third-generation boot makers to design your own custom pair of cowboy boots; hopping by boat between lakeside villages to learn backstrap weaving and natural dying… How Guatemala […]

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Chile family vacation running down dunes in Atacama Desert

Chile Family Vacation | Our Expert’s 5 Must-Dos

// October 5, 2016

We asked a 7, 12, 17-year old, and two parents what their favorite family vacation was. Their unanimous answer: Chile! Santiago and the Atacama Desert in particular. Why? On a Chile family vacation there are sublime sand dunes to tumble […]

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Peru through the lens of a first timer | By Katie Lotz

// July 26, 2016

Peru blew me away. I was skeptical. I’ve been obsessed with Asia for the past 6 years: I’ve taught English to college students in China’s countryside; marveled at the Taj Mahal and Ladakh monasteries in India; been blessed by a […]

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Rio Olympics: The Ultimate Guide

// March 18, 2016

Rio’s possibly the sexiest city on earth. Add the world’s most addictive competition and it’s a home run vacation. This is a drop-everything-and-just-go kind of trip—the ultimate reason to use up your vacation days. Commit and you’ll be courtside for […]

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The Intrigue of Vik

// September 25, 2014

What does it take to create a truly outstanding hotel? In November, Absolute Travel’s Robyn Mark, husband Nick, and their adorable son Alex (7 months old!) set out to discover the answer with two weeks at the Uruguayan and Chilean […]

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Explore the Galapagos while Supporting the Arts through the Princess Grace Foundation-USA

// October 4, 2012

Join Absolute Travel in supporting emerging talent in Film and the Performing Arts by participating in the 30th anniversary auction of the Princess Grace Foundation-USA. During her lifetime Princess Grace was not only a highly regarded actress in film; she […]

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Marisa Costa Spends 8 Days in Beautiful Belize

// September 26, 2012

Perhaps most well-known for its gorgeous beaches, Belize is an exciting destination offering so much more than just sun and sand. Since it is a small country, all of Belize’s top destinations are just a short flight or drive away […]

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Colombia’s Comeback

// December 14, 2011

Once synonymous with cocaine, crime, and coffee, Colombia is making a comeback.  Day by day, this lesser-known Latin star is establishing itself as one of today’s most alluring destinations. We’ve heard so much about it recently that we decided we […]

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Eating Argentina

// April 26, 2011

Absolute Travel’s culinary explorer Robyn Mark introduces her new feature: will-travel-for-food Chorizo, lomo, bondiola, vaca, ojo de bife, chinculin, mollejas, morcilla. And that was just one meal. Empanadas, tamales, dolce de leche, ceviche. The list can go on and on. […]

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São Paulo’s Social Pulse!

// March 16, 2011

Absolute Traveler Zachary Aarons talks food, art and fashion in the all-too-often overlooked metropolis of Sao Paulo, Brazil. For most of us, Brazil evokes images of sizzling beaches, the uber-chic city of Rio de Janeiro, and the natural wonders of […]

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Barefoot Elegance Awaits on Bahia’s Pristine Cacoa Coast

// May 12, 2010

While most visitors to Brazil put sexy Rio, the historically rich Salvador, and the natural beauty of Iguassu Falls on their short list, we suggest adding a visit to the exquisite Txai Resort on Bahia’s undeveloped Cacoa coast to make […]

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