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What elephants want you to know | a quick guide

// August 12, 2016

We’re not elephants. But, we’ve picked up a lot while spending time with them over the years, and have a good guess what they would say if they could. You have questions about the best way to protect them. We […]

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Here’s how your vacation helps the planet

// April 22, 2016

You travel because it’s magic stuff. It brings out the best in people. It leads to experiences so extraordinary looking back we have to think twice whether or not they were real. They were, and we all want more. We […]

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Ranger for a Day: Patrolling with Black Rhino Bodyguards & Sniffing Out Poachers with a Pup

// August 12, 2015

Absolute Travel’s Katie Losey checks in from Kenya: I’m in Kenya, so the last animal I thought I’d write home about is a dog. I was wrong. Standing in front of me is Didi. She’s a rescue, bought from a […]

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Who cares?

// July 31, 2015

Last week I walked by someone on Broadway sporting a tank top that read, “I COULD CARE LESS.” If there’s anything I don’t want to be, it’s apathetic, indifferent and proud of it. Right now I’m in seat 33-B wedged […]

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210 Miles, $40,000, Edward Norton & a Lot of Heart

// October 3, 2014

We did it! We pounded 210 miles of pavement between us from Staten Island to Central Park for the Maasai, chatted with actor and activist Edward Norton and Maasai warrior Samson Parashina on the link between conservation and travel, and […]

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Why I’m Anti-World Elephant Day | by Katie Losey

// August 12, 2014

I don’t want to belittle World Elephant Day; if anything I believe it should be an extra 364 days a year. Today has the best of intentions, but unfortunately one day for elephants is not enough. We’re living during an […]

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A Letter to Amanyara

// May 16, 2014

There are moments that color your life, and there are moments that define it. I believe wholeheartedly that fresh experiences propel me into life’s rapture–they remove me from my comfort zone, challenge me, and stay with me in the background […]

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Why What’s In Your Mug Could Save the World

// April 28, 2014

On Wednesday, April 23rd Absolute Travel and The Culture-ist were proud to co-host an evening at the lovely infini-T Café and Spice Souk in Princeton for a travel reading featuring writers, David Farley, Charu Suri, Tom Downey, and Absolute! In […]

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Why There is Nothing More Powerful Than a Personal Experience to Protect the Planet

// September 20, 2013

In September we were in territory a bit closer to home: Jackson, Wyoming! Aside from spending time in the country of cowboys, wide blue skies, and dramatic mountaintops, we busted out our denim for another reason: we were headed out […]

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Want to Save the Orangutans? Plan Your Next Trip to Borneo.

// July 2, 2013

Katie Losey discusses the most stunning virgin on earth, the world’s most adorable redhead, and why meeting orangutans in their forest home is possibly the best way to save them. It’s possible I held my breath through the entire 28 […]

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Katie Losey says, “My Blood Runs Swiss”

// October 17, 2012

Absolute Travel’s Katie Losey heads to the heart of Switzerland for the Adventure Travel World Summit and gets in touch with her Swiss roots over cows, cheese, and the sweet smell of manure. My grandfather’s Border Collie, Birdie, would emphatically […]

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Absolute Travel Photo Contest | Winner & Honorable Mentions

// September 24, 2012

The Absolute Travel Photo Contest entries, below, allowed us to see the world through your own distinctive lens: an encounter with a shaman in Botswana, a quiet moment between a rescued elephant and her savior in Thailand, a young boy […]

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From Midtown to Mozambique: 6 Reasons to Make the Trip!

// May 9, 2012

There’s no mistaking the chief perk of my job: exploring the world’s most far-flung corners while indulging at one extraordinary hotel after another. So when choosing my next destination—this trip with my boyfriend, Nathan, I was faced with a decision […]

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Colombia’s Comeback

// December 14, 2011

Once synonymous with cocaine, crime, and coffee, Colombia is making a comeback.  Day by day, this lesser-known Latin star is establishing itself as one of today’s most alluring destinations. We’ve heard so much about it recently that we decided we […]

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Vietnam: Brilliantly in Flux

// August 5, 2010

Tucked away under their distinctive conical hats, you rarely see their faces. Virtually every inch of them covered in hopes to keep the unrelenting eastern sun from darkening their skin, giving away their identity as a worker. But elusive glances […]

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Absolutely Amantaka: Luang Prabang

// April 2, 2010

  Regarded a UNESCO World Cultural site and considered “the best-preserved city in Southeast Asia,” Luang Prabang has a network of planners and architects that are working hard to keep it that way. Unlike most uncovered gems, developments are occurring […]

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// March 4, 2010

Absolute Travel’s Katie Losey and Brooke Garnett are currently traveling in Tanzania and Kenya. They are sending us updates from the road… Living in New York City means that I often tend to prioritize efficiency and speed, but the opportunities […]

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Notes from the Road: Katie Losey & Brooke Garnett in Kenya

// March 1, 2010

Absolute Travel’s Katie Losey and Brooke Garnett are currently traveling in Tanzania and Kenya. They are sending us updates from the road… It is a challenge to stand out in New York City, but during November’s marathon, I couldn’t help […]

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