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Witness Nature at Its Best on a Conservation Expedition Through the World’s Most Beautiful Islands

// January 6, 2017

It’s a particularly fascinating time to visit some of the richest and most pristine uninhabited islands on our planet: Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Though it’s possible to visit on your own, few have the chance to see them like this: alongside […]

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What elephants want you to know | a quick guide

// August 12, 2016

We’re not elephants. But, we’ve picked up a lot while spending time with them over the years, and have a good guess what they would say if they could. You have questions about the best way to protect them. We […]

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Here’s how your vacation helps the planet

// April 22, 2016

You travel because it’s magic stuff. It brings out the best in people. It leads to experiences so extraordinary looking back we have to think twice whether or not they were real. They were, and we all want more. We […]

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Conservation Event in NYC: Warlords of Ivory Screening, Q&A & Private Dinner (Space Limited)

// April 12, 2016

***This event is sold out!*** Some of the world’s most dedicated conservationists are coming to New York City to share their stories, recent projects, and powerful insights with you. Join us at the CORE: Club this Monday, April 18th for […]

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Places to go now to protect an artisan tradition

// November 30, 2015

“Sometimes when you travel, you see something too beautiful to not take home,” says Absolute Travel President Ken Fish. Don’t we know it. We’ve lost ourselves in countless souks from Marrakech to Istanbul, been mesmerized by the whirring bobbins of […]

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Hugo Guinness Short Film for The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

More than just cute: DSWT’s must-watch 3-minute short

// November 4, 2015

It doesn’t take much to realize we are smitten with the elephants who call The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) home. But as much as we’re charmed by every single one, each orphan is a stark reminder of a grave […]

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Nepal Rising: Is it crazy to go?

// October 28, 2015

From glorious Everest to tiny tea houses, Nepal stirs our hearts. These days, the iconic mountaintops and mystical monasteries that have lured adventurous travelers for decades are running on empty. April’s earthquake hit months ago, but emotional reverberations are constant. […]

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Is wildlife worth more dead or alive? Dereck Joubert on the economics of trophy hunting.

// October 19, 2015

Trophy hunting in Africa is a major topic these days. Cecil the Lion is practically a household name. After professional hunter Ivan Carter sent the following note to award-winning filmmaker Dereck Joubert, Dereck took it as an opportunity to share […]

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Ranger for a Day: Patrolling with Black Rhino Bodyguards & Sniffing Out Poachers with a Pup

// August 12, 2015

Absolute Travel’s Katie Losey checks in from Kenya: I’m in Kenya, so the last animal I thought I’d write home about is a dog. I was wrong. Standing in front of me is Didi. She’s a rescue, bought from a […]

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Who cares?

// July 31, 2015

Last week I walked by someone on Broadway sporting a tank top that read, “I COULD CARE LESS.” If there’s anything I don’t want to be, it’s apathetic, indifferent and proud of it. Right now I’m in seat 33-B wedged […]

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If You Only Watch One Thing This Week, Make It This—Goosebumps Guaranteed

// January 27, 2015

Note: Day Passes, Saturday Day & Evening Combo Tickets, and Saturday Day Tickets are all SOLD OUT; Thursday and Friday Passses STILL AVAILABLE! Purchase them here. We believe in the power of film to protect our planet. In need of […]

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Dyan deNapoli | Penguin Hero, TED speaker & Leader of Absolute’s First Explorers Club Expedition

// October 15, 2014

She has hand-raised more penguin chicks than she can count, helped manage the largest animal rescue in history and has an astounding amount of passion and compassion which is clear the second you meet her. We’re honored that penguin expert, […]

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210 Miles, $40,000, Edward Norton & a Lot of Heart

// October 3, 2014

We did it! We pounded 210 miles of pavement between us from Staten Island to Central Park for the Maasai, chatted with actor and activist Edward Norton and Maasai warrior Samson Parashina on the link between conservation and travel, and […]

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Why I’m Anti-World Elephant Day | by Katie Losey

// August 12, 2014

I don’t want to belittle World Elephant Day; if anything I believe it should be an extra 364 days a year. Today has the best of intentions, but unfortunately one day for elephants is not enough. We’re living during an […]

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Why What’s In Your Mug Could Save the World

// April 28, 2014

On Wednesday, April 23rd Absolute Travel and The Culture-ist were proud to co-host an evening at the lovely infini-T CafĂ© and Spice Souk in Princeton for a travel reading featuring writers, David Farley, Charu Suri, Tom Downey, and Absolute! In […]

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An Absolute Stampede: Why We’re Putting Our Foot Down for Elephants

// April 15, 2014

We absolutely refuse to be the generation that allows elephants to disappear from Africa’s forests and savannas. That’s why Absolute Travel is putting our foot down in the fight for Africa’s elephants, literally. On April 26th, our downtown SoHo office […]

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// February 20, 2014

Our new CLICK FOR CONSERVATION campaign is simply just our way of caring and sharing. The world has been kind to us over the past 25 years that we’ve been in business, and now it’s our turn to give back, […]

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Want to Save the Orangutans? Plan Your Next Trip to Borneo.

// July 2, 2013

Katie Losey discusses the most stunning virgin on earth, the world’s most adorable redhead, and why meeting orangutans in their forest home is possibly the best way to save them. It’s possible I held my breath through the entire 28 […]

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