“Thanks to Absolute Travel, visitors who are coming to Campi ya Kanzi are not only enjoying their holiday, but they’re making a positive impact to the future life of the people who are living with these animals. This is where I see the future of nature preservation in our country.”

Samson Parashina
MWCT President

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Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

“By partnering with Absolute Travel, we are able to bring adventurists and wildlife enthusiasts to the forefront of grassland conservation and strengthen our mission to create a world-class nature reserve that's accessible for modern day explorers and future generations.”

Sean Gerrity
President of American Prairie Reserve

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American Prairie Reserve

“I am inspired by the spirit of volunteerism that Katie Losey has shown, which strengthened our presence and visibility on a global scale.”

Dr. Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka
Founder, Conservation Through Public Health

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Conservation Through Public Health

“I don't want to know a world without elephants. The Trust is helping to fight that reality. ”

Katie Losey
Absolute Travel

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The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

“What strikes me in particular about their work is American Jewish World Service's dedication to visit their causes on-site to learn about the issues firsthand, in person. Absolute Travel is honored to be a link in the process.”

Leslie Overton
General Manager, Absolute Travel

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American Jewish World Service

“Our partnership with Absolute Travel fosters an extension of our core tenet – direct action on the ground – by giving travelers the unique opportunity to experience sustainability and environmental protection firsthand in a way that truly redefines adventure.”

Suwanna Gauntlett
Founder and CEO, Wildlife Alliance

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Wildlife Alliance

“By definition we are seeing the individuals who had the wherewithal and capacity to get out and escape and to find our program. A big part of what we do is tap into that resilience and those strengths. They are survivors in every sense of the word.”

Dr. Allen Keller
Director, Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture

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Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture

“Sharing a passion for cultivating cultural traditions from the four corners of the world, Nest is overjoyed to partner with Absolute Travel as we help to support the talented Nest artisans of Kenya. Together we are helping these artisans to transform their crafts into a means for positive social change that will ripple outward throughout their communities.”

Rebecca van Bergen
Founder & Executive Director, Nest

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“Absolute Travel is the quintessential partner for The Base Project. Their team is committed to products with a social mission and they are passionate about sharing stories of African artisans with their community of travelers. Wear Your Impact!”

Chris Akin, The Base Project

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The Base Project

“Founded by one of our favorite Ecuadorian properties, Hacienda Zuleta, we are proud to support the Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation. The center has become recognized worldwide as a leader in research on raising condor chicks in captivity, particularly notable as the center’s primary source of funding and support comes from responsible tourism.”

Sasha Lehman
Absolute Travel

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Galo Plaza Lasso Foundation

“We are thrilled to work with Absolute Travel to help demonstrate our opportunities and accomplishment in the field.”

Karl Egloff
WWF Travel Program Director

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World Wildlife Fund

“Absolute Travel's attention to detail, focus on traveler experience and commitment to giving back through travel make them an ideal partner.”

Nik Strong-Cvetich
Executive Director, Save the Waves

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Save the Waves

“When you meet individuals who have overcome immense obstacles, it is inspiring in a way no photograph could convey.”

Leslie Overton
Absolute Travel

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Human Rights Watch

“Through the Every Mother Counts and Absolute Travel partnership, we are able to bring to life the stories of the incredible caregivers and women making a difference in maternal health today. Together we are able to explore the challenges and solutions in varying parts of the world, and we all share the goal of making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every woman.”

Clancy McCarty
Director of Special Projects, Every Mother Counts

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Every Mother Counts

Absolute Awareness

Not only are we dedicated to creating life-changing trips, we are also committed to connecting travelers to the world’s wild places, and the creatures and traditions that make it exceptional and worth exploring. Our commitment to conservation and responsible travel has become a cornerstone of our company. We recognize the work we do sets a model for the travel industry, and we’re compelled to be part of the global conversation on sustainability.

Travel with a Purpose

The foundation of our approach is called Absolute Awareness, and its mission is three-fold: to inspire people to care about protecting our planet and its creatures through powerful personal experiences; to prove to the local people that their natural resources are invaluable, vital to their livelihoods, and worth protecting; and demonstrate that aside from altruistic emotive reasons, there are hard economic reasons to keep wildlife alive and wild lands–wild. Whether scaling East Africa’s mountains alongside a poacher turned porter; learning ancient artisan traditions in Bhutan’s fabled mountain towns, or simply connecting people to places that inspire them, Absolute Travel is privileged to do our part. Explore additional opportunities for voluntourism and responsible travel on our Philanthropic Journeys section.

Donor Engagement Group Journeys

Another way: we are privileged to work alongside donor engagement groups connecting travelers to their honorable projects and passions around the world. Esteemed organizations including The Nature Conservancy, Every Mother Counts, American Jewish World Service, Human Rights Watch, World Wildlife Fund, XPRIZE and the American Museum of Natural History trust us with one of their most valuable assets: their donors and team. These are the individuals who help advance the organizations’ missions. Working together, our donor engagement trips connect supporters with the projects they help fund. Our dedicated donor engagement team is led by Leslie Overton, Managing Director, and Eliza Quanbeck, Philanthropic Group Coordinator. The expertise and personalized attention they put into each donor engagement trip results in highly-successful non-profit partnerships and happy donors who are inspired and fulfilled throughout their journey. Get in touch to learn more about joining a group or recommending a group that may be interested in working with our team.


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